versão para a canção do Guilherme Arantes

 May tomorrow
 Be a beautiful day
 All the mad happiness
 You could ever think of
 Come tomorrow
 May our strength be doubled
 Upwards and ceaselessly
 It shall always grow
 Won't survive tomorrow
 Above what's illusory
 The Sun King will shine bright
 And tomorrow
 The luminosity
 Regardless to anyone's will
 Will be reigning
 In tomorrow
 Lies everyone's hopes
 Even the tiniest ones
 That exist and must thrive
 For tomorrow
 In spite of today
 There will come forth a road
 We shall thread in
 And tomorrow
 Though some just don't want to
 Belongs to those who'll wait 'til
 The break of the new day
 When tomorrow
 Hatred has been soothed
 Fear has been smoothed over
 Will be plenty
 Will be plenty

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