Ok, Let’s do it – Part 2

W.W. took care of our registration, sending our forms through the internet but there was still papers to be delivered and others to be signed. So I took lunch time to visit the Doors to Ancient Wisdom. Yes, imagine what a bore I was getting into.

It was the last day for registration, so there was a little queue. Before I asked anyone, the attractive young lady standing at the end of the line, seeing the lost and confused expression in my face as I approached, smiled and asked me:

“Are you new here?” Yes… “I had to drop the course in the middle of the last semester, so we’re going to be in the same class, I guess.” Really? “I’m April.” I’m August… “What!?” You’re kidding me?” No…

She was called and left me with no further comment, but before entering the room she looked back, waved her hand and smiled at me.

I was called into another room and didn’t meet her again when I came out.

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