Ok, Let’s do it – Part 4

We missed classes on that which would be the first day at the philosophy night school. At least I discovered it was a serious course after all.

Nadine, a fine friend told us. She entered the bar as we were paying our bill. It was no hard decision to stay. Both W.W. and I had a crush on her, and we never managed coming to a compromise on how should we deal with it, she was amazed to know later that evening.

Her nowadays ex-husband was a lecturer at the Doors to Ancient Wisdom and Dean at the city University and worked on a covenant that enabled the short term courses to get credit recognition for the regular university program.

W.W. made a few calls and in a few minutes we were reunited with some of the hardcore members of our once large and lousy crowd.

Nostalgia was set in. We could not believe how, with a few exceptions, everyone had got so distant from each other.

Stories, some of them, were remembered, mostly with joy and enthusiasm. I got dizzy with the first cigarettes in almost five years.

Some regrettable events showed up, recalling reasons that contributed to the chilling of some relations. I had been lowering my daily smoking and finally quitted when I started dating Olivia.

The whole table cracked laughing when I was seriously trying to make a point on why there couldn’t possibly exist an animal with more than six legs that could have wings and fly. That made me aware that it was time I stopped drinking and got home while I still had some reasoning left to give explanations, though I really didn’t think they would be asked.

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