Song to the siren

versão para a música do Tim Buckley

À deriva em mar deserto
Tudo eu fiz para sorrir
Teu canto trouxe-me perto
De onde nunca mais saí
Em teu canto, tu dizias
"Abra as velas, vem a mim
Cá estou eu, cá estou eu a esperar-te"

Sonhei eu que me sonhavas
Era eu lebre e tu raposa?
Tolo barco, agora aderna
Acamado em praia eterna
Você canta "não me toques
Hoje não, quem sabe quando"
Em meu peito, envergonhado,
Se esconde meu coração
Tonto como uma ostra Confuso com a maré Preso na rebentação Entregando-me sem fé Ouço-te ainda a cantar "Venha a mim, quero abraçar-te Cá estou eu, cá estou eu a esperar-te"

Man, we were stupid and contagious!!! – Pt. 4

We hadn’t much time for she really had to be up early so we had our sandwiches at Gorilla’s and I drove her home.

We were talking about how we didn’t really mingle with each other’s crowd. And that it might have prevented it for such a long time, but finally, we got something happening.

So, we went back to talking about how we felt for each other from the start, I told her I was sure something would eventually come up between us.

She said I looked different from everybody else in the pack and tried to explain in what ways.

I got flattered, especially when she pointed out that, just like her, I was not to be seen around with someone, as in an actual, solid relationship. I mean, it was much more noticeable and surprising that she was mostly alone, being so beautiful and charming, than me, being so normal and quite sloppy, as her friends used to refer to me, she admitted, confirming my suspicions.

I told her I was totally, massively impressed by the way she totally draw attention, everywhere, and how she had no problem with that. She seemed to be always in control, she was the star of the show, and played that role with amazing grace.

We managed to keep our romance out of sight and when it was over, nobody would believe it ever happened. I dream about those days and it’s so real, so strong, that I wonder if they were not only dreams all the memories I keep from those days.