Beware of War

Behind my desk, my barricade
I fill a page with words I treasure
No one will read them, I’m afraid
I’m writing just for my own pleasure

I write about what’s coming next
And how we’re part of evolution
Times, they are changing very fast
We live in constant revolution

Behind my glass, I’m unafraid
I’ve drunk enough to feel courageous
In house, in bed I should have stayed
A drunken soldier sounds outrageous

Behind my door armies are trained
People are urged to take part
They choose a side and then they start
To think with someone else’s brain

That would be great, I won’t deny
If people knew enough to choose
And when the time came to decide
They did not let themselves get used

Behind my years I may assure
Though we have blown many good chances
There's no need to look into the future
With shortsighted narrow-minded lenses

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