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Os temas são basicamente os mesmos tratados transversalmente no blog, mas aqui assumem a forma de verso, na maior parte das vezes em língua inglesa.

Night walk

“It’s a ghost town”
People like to say it loud
Well, for a moment before dawn
I really see no one around

“It’s a ghost town”
Oh but that I've already known
For many times before the dawn
I was the only ghost around

Yet early in the evening
I parked my car around the corner
From the house where I once lived in
But was not sure should I come over

Took a deep, though silent breath
When once I'd have lit a cigarette
Made my way across the street
Trying to make some sense of it

Nasty thoughts about the future
Fight this all time homesick urge
And like a sunstroke robot figure
I kept moving back and forth, and farther

Like those things you can't explain
But that help the world make sense
I've come to find myself again
Outside my childhood school fence

Happy sad I felt this time
Happy sad had I felt then
If you came your way up here
Stay with me until the end

Somewhere around here long ago
I left a child behind in fear
To move onwards, I let him go
I dropped his hand but I got lost too

Sometimes I think I still can hear
His hushed cry inside my ears
Now, as I feel he wandering near
My eyes finally shed his tears

Eu sonho com ovelhas elétricas

Tempo corrigido, paixões acomodadas
O outono passado nunca teve fim
Os rangidos e as cores da sirene se fundem
A cena do crime perfeito foi inventada

Antes nos conhecíamos, agora apenas combinamos
Há séculos não eclode um ovo

A música não preenche mais pautas
A música não enche mais capas
Ninguém parece dar a mínima
A que merda lhe entra pelos ouvidos

Ruas sombrias, batidas ensurdecedoras e encardidas*
Façanhas obstinadas da vida cotidiana
A chuva não desaba, mas também não cessa
Cada gota é uma faísca que cai

Nada dura o suficiente para mudar
O passado estará fora de alcance em breve

  • beat – batida de música eletrônica
  • grime – sujeira impregnada à superficie, mas também um gênero de música eletrônica

i dream of electric sheep

Time amended, passions bended
Last Autumn never ended
Siren's squeaks and colors blend
The perfect crime scene was invented

Once we meet, now we just match
Eggs for centuries haven't hatched

Music no longer fill sheets
Music no longer fill sheaths
No one seems to give a shit
What shit comes up to their ears

Gloomy streets, grime deafening beats
Everyday life's gritty feats
Rain won't pour, but won't stop either
Every drop is falling glitter

Nothing lasts enough to change
Past will soon be out of range

Breaking news

You can’t figure what I wish
Pay no heed to what I think
Hardly hear me when I speak
Make no sense from what you hear

“Nothing happens through your days?
Anything you’d care to mention?
In this whole world going crazy
Something must draw your attention”

There are many things indeed
But I’m lost in my distractions
What I lack, what I’m in need
Is a pause for my reflections

All I expect and ask of you
Please, believe in dreams come true
I would offer you my view
Just before the break of news